Advanced Orienteering Technique

This coach-led training program will allow you to progress faster towards becoming a better orienteer because the training exercises are specifically crafted to target skills that are critical to success at the advanced level.

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Program Details

The Advanced Orienteering Technique Program runs 8 Thursday evenings from April 13th to June, 2nd. Training sessions run from 6:30 to 8:15.

The training takes place outside on a different map each week and consists of hands-on exercises to target and strengthen specific aspects of the orienteering process.

A control picking exercise on the March Highlands map from seasons ago.

The 2017 Spring curriculum includes:

  • Week 1 - Getting back into it
  • Week 2 - Thinking ahead
  • Week 3 - Thinking ahead 2 - choosing your techniques
  • Week 4 - Advanced sprint orienteering
  • Week 5 - Complex route choice decisions
  • Week 6 - Advanced compass technique
  • Week 7 - Control picking and detailed map reading
  • Week 8 - Flow - and putting it all together

Each week we will start with a group discussion led by the coach and then do a hands-on training exercise that focuses on a particular aspect of your orienteering technique. This exercise may consist of a single course or it may consist of several loops. For those looped exercises there will be a chance to talk to the coach in between so you can get feedback before heading into the woods again. We will end each session with a group discussion and debrief to talk about how the exercise went and what you can do to practice this element of your orienteering technique.

Additionally, program members are encouraged to discuss your Spring Series races and compare notes with each other and with the coach each week. Spring Series Events, though not formally part of the program, are an excellent opportunity to practice your new techniques and learn from each session in the woods. We hope to see you on Sunday mornings!

Times and Locations

On Thursdays the group meets at 6:30 at a different location each week in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. See the sidebar at the left or bottom of the page for the schedule and locations. 

A typical Thursday evening schedule:

Time Activity
6:30 Meet for training session
6:30-6:40 Explanation of the exercise
6:40-7:00 In depth coaching and discussion of techniques to complete exercise for those that want this
6:40/7:00-8:00 Physical training exercise
8:00-8:15 Post-exercise discussion and debrief
8:15 End of training session


You can either pre-register for the season for $100 or choose to drop-in on a week by week basis.

Season pre-registration opens online Friday March 3rd.

The drop in fee is $15 per session, payable in cash or cheque on-location. If you plan on dropping please let us know by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Thursday morning so we can make sure to have enough maps available.

Note: Orienteering Ottawa membership is required for all participants. You can sign up to become a member via the membership page