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Upcoming Events
Each current series can be seen on the series pages under 'events->year-round events.

Important Updates

  • 09-12-2022
    2022 was a good year with many events held Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  During the week members were active and busy with School and Junior programs, Wednesday and Thursday running and...
  • 20-10-2022
    We have updated our ‘Join Us ->Volunteer’ page on the website and added our first specific posting
  • 14-10-2022
    Chelsea Nordic has invited us to join their orienteering activity for youth on Saturday, October 22. This is an opportunity for families in the area to participate in an activity for youth, as most...
  • 26-09-2022
    Once again Ottawa OFest was a great success - with the weather cooperating fully.  We have some found items and some photos.
  • 06-09-2022
    Ottawa O-Fest is fast approaching! The dates are September 24 and 25. The Middle and Chase Start Long events will both be held on our Lac Beauchamp map with updates and expansion by Eric Kemp. Eric...

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