Hello fellow Challenge the GATs enthusiasts!

Due to a number of factors beyond our control, Orienteering Ottawa is disappointed to announce that we cannot host a Challenge the GATs 2020 event.

As you know, the NCC's Gatineau Park Master Plan, due to be released later this year, aims to restrict off-trail use in the Park.  At this time, we are still in communication with the NCC but are less and less optimistic that we can come to an agreement that allows us off-trail use, nor enough on-trail access to host an event as large as this in 2020.  We did consider our options for hosting a spring event but due to the current pandemic situation that was no longer possible either.

We therefore conclude that the 2019 installment of the Challenge the GATs event in Wakefield will be our last event of its kind.  This is obviously disappointing news to the hundreds of orienteers, adventure racers, and runners that have enjoyed the event over the years.  This does not mean that we will no longer host ROGAINE or multi-hour style events - we just need more locations and more time, along with your continued support.  The goal is to come out with a brand new multi-hour event for 2021, so please keep an eye out for the announcement later this year.

A massive thank you goes out to all the volunteers, Frédéric Bédard for pioneering this event over a decade ago, and to Linda Connell and Randy Kemp who have been organizing the event since 2014.

We want to extend our sincere thanks for your interest in Challenge the GATs and we hope to see you out in the woods soon. We miss you!

Jennie Anderson

On behalf of the Orienteering Ottawa Board of Directors

PS - Have you ever visited our "stories" section of the webpage? Take a look at past results, photos, routes and anecdotes.  Want to submit your own?  Please send your stories (anything orienteering related) along with maps and photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Recap of Challenge the GATs 2019:

What a day!! Beautiful weather, challenging courses and record numbers. Thank you to all the participants and volunteers who are making this event grow. We appreciate your support and would like to hear any This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that could make our event even better. We LOVE the Rogaine.

The 2019 King and Queen of the GATs have now been calculated after a successful Bike-O attracting 29 crazy participants in the wind and rain. Calculations were based on those competing in the 6h Rogaine and the Long Event in the Bike-O. (lowest combined placement points wins)

The Queen of the GATs is Molly Kemp placing 3rd in the Bike-O and 4th on the Rogaine team 'The Armadillos'.

The King of the GATs is Eric Kemp placing 4th in the Bike-O and 2nd on the Rogaine team 'The Sway'.

Congratulations to both!