Summer Orienteering

For those of you who don't flee the city during the summer we often offer either a training program or a set of events.

Whether it is training or events, they will be posted on the Upcoming Events column on our home page.  Check throughout June or contact us if you would like to help out or to initiate a series.  Details of any series of events or training (upcoming or most recent) follows.

Summer Sprints 2024

Orienteering Ottawa is excited to offer our Summer series this July and August as a set of sprint events. 

There will be 2 courses  to choose from: Short (2-3 km)  or Long (3-4 km) Sprint  or you can do the long and follow with the short if time allows.

These events are designed for everyone - whether you'd like to walk and focus on improving your navigation skills, or challenge your race skills against your friends and club-mates.

Regular meet fees apply.

For some tips on Sprint orienteering see our maps page and review the Sprint Orienteering tab.  

Some details may change through the summer.  Be sure to check back for final details before each meet.



First check-in 5:45 pm
First Start 6:00 pm
Start Interval 30 seconds  
Last Start 7:00 pm
Course Closed 8:00 pm

Registration Fees:

Season's Pass

The season's pass is only available to club members.  If you haven't one yet, the half year pass is  offered starting Aug. 1,2024.

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Please note that although we do have credit and debit available at most events, sadly things don't always work right. Please be prepared to pay with cash or e-transfer if necessary.

Costs may vary but a typical meet cost for a single race event is :

Standard Meet Costs per start Adults Jrs (8-20 yrs) group * family ** Child (0-7 ans)
Annual members $10.00 $7.00 $24 $24 free
Day-members $14.00 $8.00 $35 $35 free
* group = all members of the group running the same course with one timing stick
** family = one household of parents and children - individuals can be running different courses
* ** group/family - For Novice course only - $15 if first registrant is a member, $22 if no members in the group/family
Additional fees
Timing chip rental (no charge for the novice course) $2.00
Compass rental $2.00 + $10 rental deposit
Whistle purchase (whistles are mandatory) $2.00