Orienteering Ottawa results at the Ontario Championships

Orienteering Ottawa brought home too many medals to count accurately having swept the podium in 11 categories and took at least 64 medals.  Notably in both the Middle and Long distances our team of Eric, Alex and Robbie couldn't be caught, while Marketa, Anne and Anita swept their category in the long distance.  Our youngsters of Evan &  Lucas, Raz, Dylan Revells, Jay and Clara Nales,  Thomas Lindale, Hayden Smith, Saskia Edmunds-Boerschke  and Clara Mirabet all had very good results bringing home at least one medal each and many 3 medals.

Full results can be found at the Toronto Orienteering site and you can see the courses from the list on our route gadget page.  If you took part you, upload your course and compare with others.