Basics and Beyond

Our Basics & Beyond program is an 8-week program for adults where we teach the basics of orienteering and then move beyond that to guide you through the first skills required to comfortably complete novice and intermediate orienteering courses. This is a skills course, in which we emphasize the development of basic orienteering skills rather than physical fitness. In other words, during the program you may run or walk at whatever speed you wish! Over the course of the eight weeks we will go over the following skills:

  • Basic map-reading and compass skills
  • Understanding standard orienteering map
  • Route choice and navigation systems
  • Navigation using surrounding terrain features

The adult Basics and Beyond program will not be run this fall (2022) but will be offered in the spring of 2023. Please check back then for details.

Please note that the program does not teach declination or similar skills that are not used in orienteering, nor does it put a strong emphasis on compass skills. For those wanting to learn those types of skills we recommend a different organization.

Teenagers who would prefer to learn in an adult environment are also welcome in this program.